In Soap’s Defence……

Kick off your shoes, grab a glass of water and let’s chat about your facial cleanser.

In recent years, new cleansing and face-washing regimes have been on the rise, and there are movements including everything from practically creamed bleach to avoiding soaps altogether. However, sometimes the best and most reliable tools for facial care are simple, tried and true cleansers. The lowliest of these is the ‘cleansing bar’, or, in english, a bar of soap.

In the last few years, our old friend has gotten quite a bit of flack for, arguably, very valid reasons. Commercial soaps often have very high pH levels, essentially stripping the skin of valuable oils and leaving it dehydrated. Additionally, if you have not chosen natural alternatives for your soaps, you are coating your skin with harmful chemicals, cooked up in a test tube and hardly better than melted plastic. The scents in these commercial soaps are also cooked up in a test tube and rarely , are hypo-allergenic (although in recent years more options have become available, ‘tis true, ‘tis true.) and have more than once caused painful allergic reactions.

The question then arises; why in the world should I use a cleansing bar? I could easily use a newfangled treatment that is said to yield better results. And you just gave me the rundown of many commercial soaps. Why on this very green and lovely planet should I use something so harmful?

Our Sensitive skin, organic soap is not harmful.

Let me address natural soaps first. Though chemical soaps are chalk full of nastiness, natural soap has been a very relevant part of human life for thousands of years, honestly. There are two main differences between natural and chemically-made soaps. In natural soaps, the cleansing agent is the soap (the sodium salts of fatty acids) and it’s making results in a combined soap and glycerin. In synthetic soaps, the cleaning agent is a detergent, generally manufactured from petroleum products. So, clearly, all soaps are not equal.

Synthetic soaps are more likely to dry and painfully strip your skin, not to mention the negative chemicals that are left to fester. In fact, synthetic soaps were first used in world war two, not because it was a better quality, healthier, or more effective, but because of a shortage of the ingredients needed for a natural soap.

In sharp contrast, our organic soaps cleanse, and are far milder on your skin, caressing it, not beating it over the proverbial head with a magic eraser. That being said, when you consider your facial regime, first consider the quality of the products you are using, since that will greatly affect the health and comfort of your skin.

These points in mind, here are a few reasons you should use a cleansing bar:

1. It is reliable.

Have you ever been in that place where you are supposed to be at an important event, and you brought along your favorite tube of facial cleanser? That lovely little tube somehow leaked despite your best efforts, and now your entire wardrobe is a mess. Our organic bar cleanser is not only travel friendly, clean, affordable and effective, but it is also incredibly mild. We use it as a full body cleanser, a facial cleanser and even as a kind of shampoo for the little one’s hair.

2. It is a quality cleanser.

Let’s be honest. Really, soap is a tried and true way of effectively removing residue, bacteria, dust and pollutants from your skin.

3. Soap has never been the sole part of a facial regime.

For years, we have known that no regime is complete without various stages, each crafted to be most effective for you. Moisturizers and elixirs have been a very relevant part of bathroom sinks and are honestly still quite valuable no matter how you prefer to cleanse. It is important to make sure your skin is hydrated by applying a rejuvenating moisturizer or oil that will significantly improve the health, appearance, and tone of your skin.

Soap has a great defense , now we need to cut it a break.

Leave the new fads alone for a bit and get back to your roots. Take an old fashion face-wash and an organic/natural moisturizer for a spin, and experience the joy of crisp, cold water and a squeaky clean face all over again!

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Written by: Grace Smith

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