Our Story

We Knew Better, it was Time to Do Better

For years I had been reading about all of the things we could do better, with eating, lifestyle, exercise, medical and how to take care of our Planet. Yes, our family was making changes. It was a process, but we were experimenting with all of it.
Gluten Free, Making Food from Scratch, Growing what we could, buying locally  and seasonally.
I was aware of big Pharma, and what they were doing and saying, and what was happening with the big farms in raising chickens, beef, and pork.

And then our Skin Care:

We started creating our own organic skin care products 10 years ago, for ourselves friends and family.
We brought to our products all the knowledge we could find on the use of botanical oils and essential oils to enhance the look of our skin, to feed and nourish our skin, the largest and most visible organ of our body.
We wanted the Best Organic Skin Care Ever with no added toxins or water to dilute the formula, no GMO's, no animal testing and Vegan. Just pure clean intense product.
Fast Forward, three years ago we decided to bring our knowledge of these beautiful essential oils to you, and formed Aneissa.com
I heard the phrase "Made by Mother Nature and Tested by Father Time", that Resonated with me 
These ingredients have been used for centuries - no recalls!