Terms and Conditions, An Understanding for Both of Us.

We believe the statements on this site are true to the best of our knowledge.

We source our products from Companies that we have reason to trust, have not previously had any problems, however, that being said we cannot be held responsible for their business practices.

We do not grow any of the ingredients. We have chosen each one for the advertised  listed benefit. We then formulate, hand blend the ingredients, and package them at our East Jordan Mi. Location.

Our Ingredients are listed as Organic, because that is how they were advertised by our vendors, and is what we believe them to be. Wild harvested is a term that is used, as some ingredients are literally picked from the woods, or ground from rocks in the case of our Masks,  no one is farming them.

Our Vendors provide ingredients that  are sourced from all over the world. There will be times when we will have to substitute, due to unavailability, one ingredient for another. We will make this substitution totally at our discretion, always taking into consideration the integrity of our product. However, this may change the scent or color of the oil due to this forced change.

These products should not be used by Pregnant women or children under 12. If there are any medical concerns, always consult with a medical professional.

If taking medications consult with a physician before using these products. Every product should be tested on the inside of your arm with a small amount and left for 24 hours before using.

We are not of the medical profession, do not claim any healing benefits, other than to improve the visibility of your skin.

We are a Michigan Based Corporation, in the United Sates of America and will only argue complaints and problems, with a Mediator in the State of Michigan. Anything not resolved from that point will be handled in a Michigan Court of Law. If a Legal suit is brought against our company it is agreed that each party will be responsible for their legal fees.

You agree not to plagiarize our content, copy our Logo, or use the color and labels we have designed.

Thank you from the team at Aneissa.