Men’s Facial Elixir Use Morning And Night
Men’s Facial Elixir Use Morning And Night

Men’s Facial Elixir Use Morning And Night

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Excellent Facial Moisturizer, Beard Oil and/or Aftershave. This is a must have for every man on the planet!

It was created to cleanse, moisturize, nourish, reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The elements leave your skin dry and uncomfortable, this elixir will take care of that and the issues associated with shaving.

It is the most intense in our line, to combat rugged activity, long hours at a desk or everyday stresses.

It will leave you smelling earthy, rugged and handsome!

Use morning and night.

Organic, Natural Ingredients, No Added Chemicals,  Preservatives, or Water to dilute –  just pure natural botanicals.

Wash with our Organic Cleansing Bar morning and Night. Afterwards apply the Elixir to your skin always in an upward motion. You will notice the oils will absorb faster the more you use them as your skin adjusts to the nutritious influx of nutrients and vitamins it has been looking for.

You will see smoother, softer looking skin in days with the reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Make sure to use as an after shave or beard oil.

Note: the scent does not last, but don't be surprise when you are asked by people what is that great scent after you have just put it on.

Enjoy by the Team at Aneissa!



Sunflower Oil

Jojoba Oil

Pomegranate Seed

Carrot Seed

Sea Buckthorn Berry Pulp Oil

Red Raspberry Seed Oil


Tea Tree

Ylang Ylang

Wild  Harvested Frankincense